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La Bouquinerie offers a selection of French and translated books that you may or may not have heard of to encourage you to read them, but more importantly, to encourage you to read them in French. There are books for all levels and all genres from novels to factual, plays and graphic novels. If you wish to borrow a book to read in your own time, please contact us today.     

French Novels

Bernard Clavel - L’Espagnol

Guy de Maupassant - Pierre et Jean

Guy de Maupassant - Une Vie

Alain-Fournier - Le Grand Meaulnes

Book of the Month - July 2012

Voltaire - Romans et Contes

Simenon - Les Sept Minutes

Bernard Clavel - Victoire Au Mans

Bernard Clavel - Harricana

Zola - La Terre

Zola - La Fortune Des Rougons

San Antonio - Remets Ton Slip, Gondolier

Bernard Clavel - Malataverne

Book of the Month - August 2012
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Book of the Month - October 2012
Book of the Month - December 2012

Victor Hugo - Les Miserables I

Book of the Month - January 2013

Victor Hugo - Les Miserables II

Victor Hugo - Les Miserables III