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Frederic Dard


One of the most famous French crime novelist, Frederic Dard wrote 173 San-Antonio (both the main hero and pseudonym of the author)novels. San Antonio is a kind of James Bond without gadgets, written in the first person, originally in the style of 1950’s crime novels, but then moved onto a more statical style in the 60’s, full of slang and made up words, which makes it difficult for non-native speakers...

Other novels

  1. -More than 300, including another 172 San-Antonio...


[Back cover translation] Will the lovers of nocturnal walks alongside the Grand Canal, love sailing of the sound of mandolins and machine guns? Will the tourists in quest of folklore be intimidated by a pant-less gondolier who looks so much like Beru that it might as well be him? But enough useless questions: board! You’ll feel so much in a familiar land: Place St Marc is full of pigeons.

Remets to slip, gondolier was first published by Editions Fleuve Noir in 1977


Remets ton slip, gondolier

San Antonio