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Bernard Calvel


French writer born in the Jura region in 1923. He tried a variety of jobs before committing entirely to writing. Mostly known for his novels , but also wrote essays, poems and children tales. Won the Prix Goncourt in 1968.

Other novels

  1. -Malataverne

  2. -Le Seigneur du Fleuve

  3. -Les Fruits de l’Hiver (Prix Goncourt 1968)

  4. -Victoire Au Mans

  5. -Harricana

  6. -...


[Back cover translation] Spring 1939, a little vineyard village in the Jura region, a Spanish refugee, Pablo,  arrives. He is a man broken by the civil war, who seems to have lost even the will to live. He is placed in a farm where the owner’s son has gone to war and the father is dead. Pablo is left alone with the wife, a slightly retarded woman, and an old daily worker. He slowly gets attached to that land which gives him reasons to hope agin. He invests all his life and joy into growing it. Right in the middle of a war remote to him, he pursues his own peace action.

L’Espagnol was first published by Robert Laffont in 1959.



Bernard Clavel