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Bernard Calvel


French writer born in the Jura region in 1923. He tried a variety of jobs before committing entirely to writing. Mostly known for his novels , but also wrote essays, poems and children tales. Won the Prix Goncourt in 1968.

Other novels

  1. -Malataverne

  2. -Le Seigneur du Fleuve

  3. -Les Fruits de l’Hiver (Prix Goncourt 1968)

  4. -Victoire Au Mans

  5. -L’Espagnol

  6. -...


[Back cover translation] Over there, in the Canadian Big North, there are only huge spaces, snow beyond eyes reach, and intense cold. Everything seems to reject humans. However, in the beginning of the XIXth century, humans started to penetrate that land, desperate to conquer it, hunt and find gold... Thus is this pioneer’s family destiny described by Bernard Clavel with all its dramas and exploits. And on that day, starting from scratch again after 4 unsuccessful attempts, the Robillard start a utopia adventure: building a new village on the verge of the Harricana. Since his childhood, Bernard Calvel had been dreaming about that “kingdom” of the North. He’s finally discovered in its truthfulness and reality, and through his talent, its romanesque appeal is renewed and expanded.

Harricana was first published by Editions Albin Michel, 1983.



Bernard Clavel