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Bernard Calvel


French writer born in the Jura region in 1923. He tried a variety of jobs before committing entirely to writing. Mostly known for his novels , but also wrote essays, poems and children tales. Won the Prix Goncourt in 1968.

Other novels

  1. -Malataverne

  2. -Le Seigneur du Fleuve

  3. -Les Fruits de l’Hiver (Prix Goncourt 1968)

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  5. -L’Espagnol

  6. -...


[Back cover translation] Through his experience as part of a team of drivers and mechanics, Bernard Clavel describes the most famous race in the world, not as a specialist, but as a man who discovers an exciting universe, a trade of passion and rigour, a friendship born from joys and stress. But, whilst on the track, the cars race at more than 200km/h towards glory or failure - and sometimes death -, and in the pits, anonymous mechanics perform technical miracles, Le Mans is also a huge concentration of fans and onlookers, a big party of colours, games and songs, sparkling non-stop day and night for 24 hours. A novel in direct connection with reality, complex and emotionally charged, intensely contemporary.

Victoire Au Mans was first published by Editions Robert Laffont, S.A. in 1968.


Victoire Au Mans

Bernard Clavel